Park Crossings - Fresno, California

Agency: City and County of Honolulu/Katz, Okitsu & Associates
Project: Honolulu Signal Timing Study
Contact: Mr. Rock Miller, Katz, Okitsu & Associates, 714.573.0317

VRPA worked as a subconsultant to Katz Okitsu & Associates to prepare traffic signal timing plans for the City and County of Honolulu, Hawaii.  VRPA’s portion of the study was to develop timing plans for approximately 100 traffic signals in locations throughout the island of Oahu.  This project was conducted using the Synchro traffic signal timing program and was the first application of Synchro in the State of Hawaii.  In addition to traditional signal timing, the study included an investigation of accidents that could be mitigated through signal timing strategies and an analysis of special signal timing strategies for transit vehicles.